Solid Waste Management Plan

Available Documents


The Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF) is consistent with the county's overall goals of conservation of energy and resources and preservation of the natural environment.

The Solid Waste Management Plan involves integrating landfilling in an environmentally-conscious manner (saving space, reducing waste volume, capturing methane gas, producing renewable energy, banning toxic materials, eliminating contamination, and avoiding pollution) with programs that both educate the public and minimize dependence on land disposal, such as waste reduction and processing, recycling, reuse, and organics and materials recovery.


The updated Solid Waste Management Plan reviews the past and present solid waste management system in the county study area, including waste abatement policies, programs, and activities.

In addition, collection, transportation, and disposal systems, recycling and composting, materials recovery and exchange, and other waste management options are examined for alteration, expansion or new development opportunities.


The Solid Waste Management Plan also evaluates waste processing options and regional opportunities for waste management and other cooperative efforts.


Finally, the Solid Waste Management Plan recommends feasible and prudent alternatives, which will expand present waste management programs while retaining the system that is best suited for Clay County.

These include the continuation of current programs, with an emphasis on increasing:

  • Efforts to manage problem materials
  • Materials recovery participation
  • Recycling participation
  • Reuse and exchange opportunities
  • Waste reduction and education activities

It also recommends continuing to utilize the county's landfill as one waste disposal method, with energy recovery and leachate recirculation, while working out details of regional participation in waste processing and waste to energy (i.e., waste exchanges, hauling arrangements, collection and marketing, etc.).

Clay County will review options and regional opportunities on an on-going basis.