Materials Exchange / reuse room


The purpose of the materials exchange programs is to encourage the reuse of materials and to reduce the amount of waste or surplus materials entering landfills.

Materials exchange programs are based on the idea that one person's or company's waste may be useful to another person, business or organization.

Through a materials exchange, companies and organizations can reduce their waste disposal costs by finding other companies, organizations, schools, or individuals who can use these waste or surplus materials in their processes or programs.

Materials Exchange

Business Materials Exchange

The Minnesota Materials Exchange Program, implemented by the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, allows businesses, nonprofit groups, and government agencies who have surplus materials, reusable products, or supplies available to exchange them for no/low cost to other businesses who can then use the materials.

Clay County's involvement in business materials exchange is to promote the available exchange resource to the business community and provide assistance when necessary.

For more information, see the Minnesota Materials Exchange Program.

Resident Materials Exchange

Clay County is the host of a resident materials exchange program.

Residents in the County can bring surplus materials, reusable products, or supplies to the Clay County landfill or Resource Recovery Center in Moorhead where other residents can come and take the materials, products, or supplies free of charge during regular business hours.


Information provided in the Minnesota Materials Exchange Program is supplied by the listing party. The Clay County Solid Waste Management Office does not vouch for the capabilities, trustworthiness, or performance of any individual or institution listed here, nor is it responsible for determination of what may constitute or create a hazardous situation or substance.