Solid Waste Management


The purpose of the Solid Waste Management Office is to design and implement an integrated solid waste management system, following the state’s laws and regulations and county directives, that is the most feasible, environmentally sound, and institutionally acceptable, with the least cost to the citizens of Clay County.

This involves providing:

  • Annual review of various disposal options
  • Enforcement of solid waste ordinance and policies
  • Evaluation of waste processing, energy recovery, and sanitary landfill options
  • Expansion of existing programs
  • Implementation of legislative mandates for county environmental programs
  • Information and assistance regarding environmental issues to the County Board and citizens
  • Licensure of private waste haulers and recyclers
  • Management of problem materials
  • Waste reduction, recycling, composting, public education, and household hazardous waste programs

11-18-2020 Slides 

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2020 Landfill Expansion Project

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