Child Protection Services


By Minnesota Statute 260E, the child protection system responds to situations where children are alleged to be maltreated, and it helps support families to safely care for their children.

How to Make a Child Abuse / Neglect Report

  • Anyone suspecting child abuse and / or neglect should call Clay County Social Services Child Intake Line at 218-299-7139 to make a child maltreatment report. If there is an emergency where a child is in immediate danger, please call 911.
  • You can also complete the Clay County Child Abuse-Neglect Form (PDF) and submit via email, which is the preferred method. You may print out and fax or drop off the completed report (address, phone and fax is included on the report form). Do not send the report in the mail. Email submission is encrypted.


Child Protection services include:

  • Screening all reports of alleged sexual abuse, physical abuse and neglect
  • Evaluating the risk of further injury to the child
  • Providing Alternative Response Family Assessment Services
  • Providing traditional Child Maltreatment Investigative Services
  • Providing truancy / educational neglect services in coordination with school efforts for ages Kindergarten to 18
  • Providing case management services to reduce risk of further abuse and / or neglect to children
  • Coordinating STAY Program designed to assist targeted youth develop independent living skills
  • Providing In-service Orientations to schools, hospitals, mental health clinics and the community on child maltreatment, mandatory reporting laws and the array of Clay County Social Services responses
    • If you would like to request a Mandated Reporter Training, please email Child Intake or call at 218-299-7139.