Coordinated Community Response Team (CCR)


The team's vision is to create a community in which people in later life can live in safety, with dignity and respect.


The Coordinated Community Response Team's (CCR) mission is to reduce abuse and neglect of people later in life by creating seamless and accessible systems to increase victim safety, promote justice, and hold offender accountable. We achieve this through improved community education, training, coordination, and response.


Committee expectations involve monthly meetings to reach the following CCR goals:

  • Identify and encourage practices and procedures that enhance communication, coordination and collaboration between and among systems in order to enhance victim safety and promote offender accountability in Elder Abuse cases
  • Identify barriers within and between systems that impair/impede effective collaboration in Elder Abuse cases
  • Promote understanding of agency roles and authority in responding to Elder Abuse matters
  • Recognize what individuals and organizations can and should do to intervene in Elder Abuse cases
  • Serve as the Clay County Multidisciplinary Adult Protection Team per Minnesota Statute 626.5571


If you, or a designee from your agency, are interested in participating on the Clay County Elder Abuse CCR, please contact Kirstin LePard.


The Coordinated Community Response Team and the Clay County Adult Protection Team are merged as one group and meets regularly.