Eligible Documents

The Clay County Recorder's office is able to accept abstract documents for e-recording. Torrens property is not e-recorded at this time.

Trusted Submitters

To e-record in Clay County documents must be submitted through a Trusted Submitter. Trusted Submitters currently submitting documents for e-recording in Clay County are:

  • ePN: Visit the website or call them at 888-325-3365.
  • Indecomm Global Services fka USRecordings: Visit the website or call them at 877-272-5250Phone and Skype emblem.
  • Corporation Service Company (CSC) : Visit the website, calling them at 866-652-0111, or by email CSC.Phone and Skype emblem.
  • Simplifile: Contact them by visiting the website, calling them at 800-460-5657Phone and Skype emblem, or by email.

Tips for e-Recording

  • Document Types: If the document transfers title and State Deed Tax (SDT) needs to be collected, submit the document as a transfer document type. If the document is a mortgage, submit as a mortgage document type and choose w/MRT or exempt. All other document types, submit as miscellaneous. 
  • Current Year Taxes: Current year taxes are not required to be paid at the time of recording unless there is a split in tax parcel. However, current year taxes are often collected and paid as part of the closing settlement. To obtain current year tax information contact the Clay County Treasurer's Office. Current year tax payments need to be paid online, mailed or delivered to the Treasurer's Office and are not considered part of the e-recording process.
  • Delinquent Property Tax: Please pay delinquent tax along with current tax before recording.
  • Modification: When a modification increases the principal mortgage amount, submit as a mortgage document type.  The MRT will be collected with the recording fee automatically.