County Officials for Plat Signatures

Per Minnesota Statutes, a plat shall contain certifications from local government units.  The location of the plat determines what county officials should be included.  If there is a question as to who should be included on a plat, please contact the County Recorder.  Below are the current county officials as of August 25, 2023.  

Clay County Attorney

Brian J. Melton, Attorney
Clay County, Minnesota

Clay County Planning Commission

Ezra Baer, Chair
Clay County Planning Commission, Minnesota

Clay County Planning

Matt Jacobson, Planning Director
Clay County, Minnesota

Clay County Board of Commissioners

Frank Gross, Chair
Clay County Board of Commissioners, Minnesota

Clay County Engineer

Justin Sorum, P.E.. Engineer
Clay County, Minnesota

Clay County Auditor-Treasurer

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, Section 505.21, taxes payable in the year______ on the land hereinbefore described have been paid and there are no delinquent taxes.  Transfer entered this _______ day of __________, YYYY.

Lori J. Johnson, County Auditor-Treasurer
Clay County, Minnesota

Clay County Recorder

I hereby certify that the within instrument was filed in this office for record on this _______ day of _______, _______, at ____ o'clock and was duly recorded as document number _________.

Kimberly S. Savageau, County Recorder (or Registrar of Titles if Torrens)
Clay County, Minnesota