Real Estate

Recording Systems

There are 2 real estate recording systems in Minnesota. The most common system is used for Abstract Title property. The 2nd system is Torrens Title property. Each system has different requirements for different documents.

Over 400 different types of real estate documents are recorded in the Clay County Recorder's Office. Recorded means the documents are reproduced and returned to the presenter. To file is to keep the original document. Real estate documents are recorded. The document type (deed, mortgage, release, certificate) determines what the requirements are and what steps need to be taken.

Learn more about the Administrative Policies of the Recorder here.

Land Records Document

The land records document process had its beginning centuries ago with a straight forward purpose and with tools such as very large leather bound books in which they hand wrote with ink and quill. It has evolved into today’s process, where the purpose remains as noble and as focused as before, but now must make sure all citizens (local and non local) have justifiable and easy access.