Transition Program

The West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC) provides a comprehensive Transition Services Program. This program was established to provide youth who have been at the juvenile center for 30 days or longer with resources and/or training. This helps them achieve social adjustment, employment, and educational success once they leave the WCRJC.

After Release

Normally, services are provided for up to 3 months after the youth is released from the WCRJC, but may continue longer based on the youths needs for on going services.

Pre-release Areas of Focus Include

  • Social Skills Development
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Interview and Pre-employment Training
  • Educational Planning and Training
  • Identification of Activity and/or Hobby Interests
  • True Life Interactive Computer Program
  • Volunteering at a Local Homeless Shelter

Post-release Areas of Focus Include

  • Frequent Client Contacts by Phone and in Person
  • Employment Assistance and Placement
  • Educational Support and Follow-up
  • Utilization of Community Resources
  • Community Activities

The ultimate goal of transition intervention is to promote successful integration of juveniles into the community.