Furlough Opportunities

Good Standing

Residents in the Pathways or residential programming that are in good standing in all areas of their program including:

  • Education
  • Behavior on the unit
  • Substance Use Disorder programming (if applicable)
  • Making positive effort in family sessions (if parents are participating)

If they meet the above guidelines they will have the opportunity to earn furloughs.

West Central Regional Juvenile Center Sign

Probation Agent & Parental Supervision

The off-site furloughs also require prior approval from the resident's probation agents. If a probation agent does not feel the resident is trustworthy enough for a furlough, it will not be allowed. Residents are only allowed to leave the center when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Parental supervision is required throughout all furloughs. Residents will received drug and alcohol screens upon return.

The West Central Regional Juvenile Center will recognize any and all orders provided through the Courts for releases that do not fit the above criteria.