Community Service

Service to the Community

The West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC) offers residents the opportunity to complete community service hours while in the facility. The WCRJC developed a program for the residents in the Pathways, residential and non-secure programs. The program is designed for those youth with community work service or restitution, but residents involved in these programs are provided the opportunity to participate regardless of whether they have community service hours or not. It provides the residents with the opportunity to provide a "service to the community." Residents must receive written approval from parents/legal guardians, probation agents or social workers. Probation agent and social workers will be provided a record of hours completed at the end of the stay.

  • Churches United for the Homeless - residents are given the opportunity to prepare and serve food to the F-M homeless population 2 times per week. They also have the opportunity to work in the shelter store organizing items that are given the shelter residents.
  • Valley Senior Services - the juvenile center volunteers at Valley Senior Services to prepare meals for housebound individuals and the elderly.
  • Community service opportunities continue to be offered weekly within the facility for those who do not have approval to leave the facility or have a great deal of community service hours to complete. The residents are also in charge of cleaning the county fleet vehicles.