Non-secure Programs

Our non-secure program is designed to hold juveniles ages 11-18. We offer 3 different programs. These include emergency shelter, a consequence program and a 30 day evaluation program.

Emergency Shelter

Emergency shelter provides a safe, 24 hour professionally staffed facility to children unable to be in their homes because of crisis, conflict, or protection issues. The child may be pre-adjudicated in Need of Protection and/or Services and/or delinquent. Placements are made by law enforcement, court order, social services and corrections. Residents may be allowed to sustain their employment while in this program.

Shelter Care Area

Consequence Program

The Juvenile Court will order adolescent offenders into the Consequence Program. The program will be utilized to provide a short term correctional experience for adolescents in need of an immediate consequence.

The placement may be from 1-60 days. Each resident will have an individualized behavioral contract that includes expectations for behavior and requirements for the program. This entails work details, as well as an opportunity to participate in the Moorhead Community Policing Program, which could be used toward community service hours. Residents may also be allowed to sustain their employment while in this program.

30 Day Evaluation Program

The focus of this program is 1 of assessment. While the child may participate in psychological and psychiatric evaluations, which could result in a mental health diagnosis, the program will emphasize a complete assessment of both internal and external factors. The child's environment is seen as a critical part of the child's problem situation. Recommendations may be made to target change in the child's environment or systems that are external to the youth. The process of assessing the situations is done in partnership with the client and their family. The involvement of the child and their family in the assessment process is vital to making change and solving problems. The assessment program will target the problems and needs that are identified by the assessment team, but will also strive to identify and cultivate the strengths the child and family have. By recognizing and building upon the identified strengths, many youth are able to overcome or offset many problem areas.


The assessment service is administered by a team of human service professionals including a licensed psychologist, psychiatric nurse specialist, rule 25 assessor, registered nurse, school representative, a licensed family therapist, and an assessment coordinator.


The assessment will produce a comprehensive written report detailing intervention recommendations. This report will include a detailed plan of activities, services, and persons responsible for services and "wraparound" planning. The report will be aimed at assisting the family at integrating the youth back into the community.


Residents in the evaluation program have the opportunity to earn $1 a day by completing various work details and/or written work. Also, depending on the referring agent, they may earn passes outside the facility.

Low Level Sexual Education Program

Through a partnership with PsychLogics, PC Fargo, ND, the West Central Regional Juvenile Center (WCRJC) offers treatment for adolescents who have sexually offended. They have agreed to provide a low-level education program through our non-secure program. They will also be providing a moderate-level program in the secure unit.

Benson Psychological Services

Residents will be brought to PsychLogics by non-secure staff 1 day per week for a 1 ½ hour session. The program is opened ended. A resident could stay in the non-secure program for the duration of the program or because the program is offered in the community, the youth could complete the program if ordered released (just needing to return to the F-M area each week for the group).


Low Intensity program is for adolescents who have been assessed as having a low risk to re-offend. Treatment will focus on:

  • Boundaries
  • Healthy sexuality
  • Link between thoughts, feelings and behaviors
  • Relapse prevention measures
  • Risky decisions and situations
  • Thinking errors
  • Victim impact, etc.

About Sessions

  • The group will be based on, and will use Tim Kahn's manual: Pathways: A Guided Workbook for Youth Beginning Treatment by Tim Kahn.
  • Sessions will cover Who I Hurt, What I Did, Why I Did It, and Who is Responsible. The group will be open ended, meaning new members can join at any time.
  • Group will be facilitated by a licensed psychologist.
  • Sessions are held at Benson Psychological in Fargo, ND.
  • Staff Supervised.

Parents Group

Current research indicates that parental involvement makes a valuable contribution to the successful treatment of children with sexual behavior problems. This group is designed to help parents become active partners in their child's treatment and recovery from sexually abusive behaviors. The 20 hour program will help answer many of the common questions parents have, teach them the same concepts their child is learning in the program so they can understand the treatment their child is receiving and learn how they can help the process. The group also covers appropriate parental supervision and what to do when the victim is another family member in the home.

Prior to beginning the program, the child must have completed an approved risk assessment with a tool such as the ERASOR, JSOAP or similar tool valid for this purpose, administered by a qualified professional.

PsychLogics will attempt to utilize medical insurance when possible.