Technology Services

Technology Services emphasizes the delivery of high quality customer service in a cost-effective manner and is responsible for strategic and operational planning related to technology and its use by the county. Major activities include the selection, acquisition, installation, maintenance, and support of the countywide network and computers and the selection, implementation, and support of county business application systems.

Video Conferencing Center

The Technology Services Department acts as the site coordinator for the County Video Conferencing Center, which is located in the Family Service Center of Clay County. All scheduling and setup are done through the Technology Services Department. The Video Conferencing Center video services are provided by MN.IT Services.

Capacity & Fees

Our facility will accommodate 24 people at tables with microphones; however, we have in the past held conferences with over 30 people in attendance. Fees are based on county participation and State Telecommunications Collaboration participation.

For further information regarding the Video Conferencing Center, contact Tim Dent either via phone or email as indicated above.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technology Services Department is to provide technology resources and services to County departments.