Coordinate System

GIS Data is stored in this ESRI reference system:


WKID: 103701 Authority: Esri

Projection: Transverse_Mercator

False_Easting: 500022.658931

False_Northing: 100004.5317862

Central_Meridian: -96.7

Scale_Factor: 1.000045317862

Latitude_Of_Origin: 46.63

Linear Unit: Foot_US (0.3048006096012192)

MNDOT Parameters

DescriptionClay County Coordinate System NAD 1983 (1996 Adj.) Feet
DatumNAD 1983, adjusted 1996 (NAD83/96) (Conus)
Datum MethodMolodensky
ProjectionTransverse Mercator
SpheroidGRS 80
Central Meridian-96.7000000001
Central Longitude96d42'00"W
Reference Latitude46.63
Central Latitude46d37'48"N
Scale Factor1.000045317862
False Easting500,023.65813648293 feet
False Northing100,004.73195538057 feet
Ellipsoid Height950.00328 feet
Geoid MethodGeoid Grid Model
Geoid ModelEGM96 (Global)

Source: Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT)

Origin: The Minnesota county Coordinate System was originally conceived by University of Minnesota surveying professor Gerald Johnson. The system was then published by the MnDOT and is maintained by MnDOT.