Vital Records Fee Schedule

Type of Vital Record / Fee
Birth Certificate$26
Birth Certificate: Additional Copies Same Record$19
Birth Certificate: Noncertified Copies$13
Death Certificate (Including Noncertified Copies)$13
Death Certificate: Additional Copies Same Record$6
Marriage License$115
Marriage License: Reduced Rate with Educator’s Statement (PDF)$40
Marriage License: Duplicate, if original license needs to be re-issued$25
Marriage Certificate: Certified or Noncertified Copies$9
Non Sufficient Funds (NSF)$30
Notary Registration$20
Notary Verification$5
Ordination Filing$40
Priority Mail$9.85
Vital Record Verification$9

Overpayment Policy

An overpayment of $10 or less will be receipted in as miscellaneous fees.

Credit Card Order

A $1.95 convenience fee is charged for credit card transactions. This fee shows up as a separate charge on your credit card statement.