2045 Clay County Comprehensive & Transportation Plan

About the Plan Comprehensive Plan

The 2045 Clay County Comprehensive & Transportation Plan was adopted (Link to Ordinance) in 2022. Previous county comprehensive plans were adopted in 1980 and updated in 2001. The plan reflects the aspirations of the community and changing circumstances facing it. It provides the vision, goals and objectives to guide development of unincorporated Clay County in a balanced and responsible manner.

Plan Chapters

0. Cover (PDF)
Title, Acknowledgements, Table of Contents1-5
1. Introduction (PDF)County Setting, Purpose and Scope, County Government Role, Plan Overview6-13
2. Community Profile (PDF)Demographics, Trends, Projections14-81
3. Vision (PDF)Community Input, Guiding Vision82-101
4. Land Use (PDF)Guiding Principles, Current and Future Land Use, Future Land Use Decision Tools102-147
5. Transportation (PDF)Guiding Principles, Existing Conditions, Management Tools and Strategies, Public Transit, Bike and Pedestrian,  Future Trends, Emerging Technologies, Transportation and Financial Analyses148-225
6. Goals and Objectives (PDF)Plan goals and objectives to implement County vision. 226-235
7. Implementation (PDF)Tools, programs and projects to implement the Plan236-245
Appendix (PDF)
Community Input Survey Summary and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Comments244-329