Property Map Search

Online access to property information maintained by Clay County is available for parcels of property in the county.

Online Interactive Map

Use this online interactive map for all of Clay County. Tools are presented on the top of the map screen, click on the map to identify and retrieve details. Tax information is attached to the parcels. Please email GIS to let us know if you find any errors in the map.

Minnesota Map Showing Clay County

Real Time Data & Maps


Using the data search feature, you can search by parcel number or by address. Search results for a given parcel may include, in addition to parcel number and address, information such as:

  • Estimated Market Value
  • Current Taxes
  • Year Built
  • Abbreviated Legal Description
  • Special Assessments

This information is displayed in a printable report.


Using the online map feature, you can use a map to find the information in which you are interested. Once you have selected the map of your choice, the select map box on the top right side of the map screen also allows you to choose different information to be displayed on the map. Tools will be displayed on the right side of the map screen and instructions on their use will be displayed when the tool is activated by clicking on it. You can zoom into the area of interest and use the identify tool to view information about a parcel. You can print the map, the report, or both.

Helpful Links

Note: The City of Moorhead also has a Property Information Source which provides searchable detailed information for property within the City of Moorhead.