Adopt-a-Highway (AAH) Program Policy

AAH is a community involvement program that brings citizen volunteer groups into partnership with Clay County to keep the local roadsides clean. This program may also educate and encourage people to stop littering. In addition, through the cleanup efforts, residents and visitors have a better impression of Clay County as they travel through and around our county.

How it Works

Each volunteer group is responsible for a dedicated section of roadway or highway and agrees to remove litter a minimum of 2 times a year over a 2-year period. Ideally a group would agree to adopt a 2-mile length of roadway. Clay County supplies the AAH signs, vests, and bags for cleanup efforts.


AAH Program Policy Guidelines

  •  Only local roadways within the limits of Clay County are included in this program.
  •  The sponsoring group shall be responsible for litter pickup only. No planting, mowing, or other activities will be permitted.
  •  The sponsoring group shall adopt their section of highway for 2 years with the right to renew the agreement. Clay County has the right to terminate the agreement and remove the sponsor's roadside signs should the sponsoring group fail to act in accordance with this policy.
  •  Clay County and the sponsoring group will jointly decide on the length of roadway to be adopted and the specific roadway.
  •  Clay County will furnish and erect the signs with the group name. The names on the signs shall be limited to 2 lines of 18 to 20 characters. Clay County reserves the right to approve and/or edit the names of groups or acronyms. The signs shall comply with the requirements of the Minnesota Department of Transportation. No logos or slogans will be permitted on the signs.
  •  The sponsoring group shall assign a group coordinator to work jointly with the county Highway Department.
  •  Pick up shall occur a minimum of 2 times a year. Pick up times shall be at least once during the spring months and once during the fall months.
  •  Adequate supervision must be provided for anyone under the age of 18. It is required that at least 1 adult supervise 5 youths. No 1 under the age of 10 will be permitted to participate.
  •  The sponsoring groups coordinator shall give at least 10 days advanced notification to the Highway Department prior to starting the pickup.
  •  When being assigned a segment of roadway, the coordinator of the group shall consult with the Highway Department regarding an appropriate staging area. The staging location shall provide for adequate vehicular parking. Under no circumstances will parking be permitted or authorized along any roads or right-of-ways.
  •  Work shall be limited to the areas between the shoulders and the right-of-way boundary. Work may not be done on the roadway itself.
  •  The sponsoring group members are encouraged to wear gloves and it is mandatory that orange safety vests are worn at all times.
  •  The sponsoring group shall be required to provide a 1st aid kit and an ample supply of water at the staging location.
  •  The sponsoring group shall place the litter into the trash bags provided by Clay County at a predetermined location along the roadside ditches.
  •  The sponsoring group's coordinator may pick up the safety vests and bags from the Highway Department during normal working hours.
  •  Designated pick up days and times shall occur during daylight hours. 
  •  The sponsoring group shall proceed with litter pick up activities in the direction of oncoming traffic.
  •  Litter shall not be collected from both sides of the roadway simultaneously. The sponsoring group shall proceed to remove litter from 1 side of the roadway 1st, then the other.
  •  Large objects found along the roadside shall be marked and reported to the Highway Department.
  •  The sponsoring group may at any time terminate their agreement, but must do so in writing to Clay County.
  •  A copy of the sponsoring group's liability insurance coverage (Certificate of Insurance) shall be submitted to Clay County each year that the agreement is in effect. A waiver of liability and indemnification agreement may serve as a substitute for this requirement, after the Highway Engineer consults with the County Attorney.

Mission Statement

Clay County is committed to providing safe, efficient, and well-maintained roads and highways to the residents of Clay County and the traveling public.