Reporting to the Correctional Facility

When to Report

At your sentencing hearing, the courts will inform you of the date and time you must report to the Correctional Facility.  You are expected to report on time and may not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  If you fail to report to on time or are under the influence, you are subject to loss of STS or Work Release privileges.

Correctional Staff cannot change your report date or time. 

Where to Report

Please report to the front lobby of the Correctional Facility Door 1.  Pick up the phone and notify the Correctional Facility Staff you are reporting to serve.


All inmates serving are charged a $20.00 booking fee.  This fee will be charged to your inmate account when you are booked in.  All Work Release inmates will be charged a $20.00 Huber fee for each day out to work.  If you are serving 10 days or less, you must pay your Huber fee at the time of booking.

If you are participating in any Program Release, you are required to pay a $15.00 drug screen up front and each time you are requested to submit to testing.  You are also required to pay your booking fee up front before you are allowed out on any Program Release.

Personal Property

The Correctional Facility supplies clothing, bedding and hygiene items.  We request that you bring as little as possible.  You will not be allowed personal items inside the Correctional Facility.  All other personal property will be inventoried and stored.  Tobacco, jewelry, watches, body piercings, personal grooming or hygiene items would be better kept at home.  If you are on any Program Release, you are allowed 3 sets of clothing.  If you require prescription medication, bring in your medication in the original bottle with your name clearly printed on the label.  You will be referred to the Correctional Facility physician for a continuation order while you are incarcerated.