Clay County Correctional Facility

Door 1 is the Correctional Facility Lobby
Hours: 8 am - 4:30 pm

correctional facility frontAbout the Facility

The Clay County Correctional Facility is a 75,900 square foot, 220 bed facility. Our Classification System houses minimum, medium and maximum male and female inmates.

The Facility has an 18 bed Behavioral Mental Health Unit dedicated to providing the proper mental health treatment to individuals identified with criminal and behavior health issues.

The Facility operates under the Minnesota Administrative 2911 Rules governing Jail Facilities and is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.


  • Correctional Facility Administrator – Kari Tuton 
  • Assistant Correctional Facility Administrator – Kate Johnson
  • 5 Sergeants
  • 3 Program Staff
  • 42 Full Time Correctional Officers
  • 10 Roster Correctional Officers
  • 1 Clerical Associate
  • 4 Corporals

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Clay County Correctional Facility to professionally provide a safe and secure environment for the visitors, volunteers, staff, and inmates. The ultimate goal is the protection of the citizens of Clay County.  Our trained staff are dedicated to the promotion of positive social, mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of all inmates.  We are a behavior- based institution that promotes a positive behavior reward system, with incentives such as maximum access to programming. These programs are offered to encourage inmates to grow in a constructive, responsible direction to assist in rehabilitation and help them prepare for reintegration into the community.