Inmate Programs & Services


The Clay County Correctional Facility contracts through ACH. The Medical Doctor conducts weekly visits to the Correctional Facility. The RNs work normal business hours Monday - Friday and are on-call after hours and on weekends. 

The Facility Clinic provides all routine medical and dental care, mental health care and any required minor office procedures. Inmates must inform Correctional Facility or nursing staff of their medical needs verbally and through the Inmate Kiosk. A $5.00 fee is assessed for each nurse, doctor or dentist visit request. Also available for purchase are non-prescription medications for minor health care issues.

Please note that health and medical information concerning inmates is considered private and will not be shared with anyone, including family.

Release Advance Planning (RAP)

A successful reintegration into the community always begins with the individual recognizing that lifestyle changes are necessary to make it happen. Working collaboratively with county and community entities, as well as participation by the inmate, a plan for successful re-entry into the community is developed by the Release Advance Planning team, who strives to help the individual get back on their feet. The RAP Program is voluntary and open to all Clay County residents who are inmates in the Clay County Correctional Facility.

Sentence to Service (STS)

The Clay County Sentence to Service Program is run by the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The program allows an inmate who has been court authorized to participate in the program to work off fines at a rate of $10.00 per hour. Prior to starting the STS program, you are required to complete a drug screen(s) until your results are negative.

Work Release / Huber

If you are sentenced to serve time in the Clay County Correctional Facility with authorized Work, School or Treatment release privileges, please report to the Correctional Facility directly after court or call the Program Director for the necessary paperwork. If you fail to set this up in advance, your release privileges may be delayed.

Mental Health

The Clay County Correctional Facility has a Behavior Health Unit designed to accommodate individuals with mental health needs. Working in collaboration with Lakeland Mental Health professionals, the Correctional Facility will offer programming, therapy, screening, medication recommendations and discharge planning.


Persons interested in volunteering must attend a facility training session prior to being authorized as a volunteer. To register, contact Facility Programmers at 218-299-7574. Volunteers are a vital part of the Facility's programming. New program ideas are welcome.

Note: A background investigation will be completed prior to acceptance and volunteers may not be on probation.