Who should volunteer?
Clay County’s Medical Reserve Corps is recruiting health care professionals such as:
  • Dentists
  • EMTs/Paramedics
  • Health Professional Students
  • Medical assistants and technicians
  • Mental Health Professionals (Psychologists, LSWs, Counselors)
  • Nurses / Parish Nurses / Advanced Practice Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Respiratory, Occupational or Physical Therapists
  • Veterinarians

We also need non-licensed volunteers in the event of a public health emergency whom are willing to work with a variety of people with various skills to better their community.

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1. What is the Clay County Medical Reserve Corps (Clay County MRC)?
2. Why do we need an Medical Reserve Corps?
3. Do I have to be a resident of Clay County to join?
4. Can I be a useful volunteer if my license is expired?
5. Who should volunteer?
6. Where do I sign up to be a volunteer?
7. What is the Minnesota Responds-Health Professional Registry?
8. What kind of work would I be volunteering to do?
9. Where will I go if I volunteer?