Juveniles on Probation

In a situation where a juvenile is placed on probation and receives specific conditions to follow, all efforts are made to monitor that juvenile and make sure they complete these conditions in a timely manner. However, should a juvenile refuse to comply or continues to violate the court's orders or rules of their probation, a more structured environment may need to be considered.

Keeping Juveniles at Home

All efforts are made to prevent a juvenile from being removed from their parental home. Efforts may include:

  • Crisis Intervention Counseling
  • Intensive In-Home Therapy
  • Special School Programming
  • Individual Therapy
  • Community Sanctions
  • Intensive Probation Supervision

Out-of-Home Placement

Clay County Probation continues to provide case management to juveniles in out-of-home placement. Any plan to consider out of home placement is screened by the Clay County Pre-Placement Screening Team. The team consists of members from Social Services, Probation, schools and a mental health agency. If approved, the plan is presented to the presiding Judge who makes the final decision to remove a juvenile from their home.