Sheriff's Posse

The Clay County Sheriff's Posse provides support to the Clay County Sheriff's Office during emergency situations and performs other duties deemed appropriate by the Sheriff. The Sheriff's Posse consists of approximately 32 citizen volunteer members. The members must be Clay County residents and must meet several criteria to be eligible for membership. A thorough background check is completed on each potential member.

The Sheriff's Posse provides community members with a venue for volunteerism as well as an opportunity to build close relationships with the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office realizes that a closer relationship with community members facilitates a higher quality service to Clay County.


The Sheriff's Posse is utilized for non-enforcement duties such as search and rescue missions, responses to man made and natural disasters, severe weather observation, and crowd / traffic control at large community gatherings.


The Sheriff's Posse is a branch of the Clay County Emergency Management Director's Office. A Sheriff's Office Supervisor called the Liaison directly manages the Sheriff's Posse.

For more information regarding the Sheriff's Posse, contact the Clay County Sheriff.