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August 2020 August 2020
Recording Cut-off times, Septic Systems, E-Record submission tips, Homestead Credit
April 2020 April 2020
eCRV Training, COVID-19 Update, Trusted Submitters
February 2020 February 2020
Laredo Training, Swift, Software Conversion Updates
January 2020 January 2020
Software Conversion, Laredo Training, Swift Program
November 2019 November 2019
PRIA Local, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction, e-CRV Legislation, Homestead Credit
Newsletter July 2019 Newsletter July 2019
Newsletter April 2019 Newsletter April 2019
PINS & Legal Indexing, Country Tract Book Pages, Property Fraud Alert, PRIA Local
Newsletter November 2018 Newsletter November 2018
Newsletter July 2018 Newsletter July 2018
Clearance Certificates, Property Information Search, Aerial Images, eCRV information
November 2015 Newsletter November 2015 Newsletter
End of Year Document Rejection E-CRV
April 2015 April 2015
Free Services, Tax Season, eCRV Website, Ditch Lien Releases, Laredo & Tapestry, PREP
December 2014 December 2014
End of Year, Surveys Online, Notary Guidelines, Recorder Training Sessions
July 2014 July 2014
New County Website, CRV's, e-Recording, Activity Report
March 2014 March 2014
Retirement Recorder Appointed Mail or Drop-off Docs Tax Search Tip Radon Training Future Safe at Home
December 2013 December 2013
MOMS Update Laredo Tip Timeliness Notary Renewal
September 2013 September 2013
Scams Legislation eCRVs Tax Statements
July 2013 July 2013
Same Sex Marriage RRV PREP Workshop Iris Annotation Change Add 3rd Party Names Updated MRT1 & DT1 New Green Sheet Tax Statements
March 2013 March 2013
Training Search CRVs eCRV Update GIS RRV PREP Workshop
December 2012 December 2012
Notary Tip Credit Cards eCRV Update
July 2012 July 2012
PFA Safe at Home eCRV Update
December 2011 December 2011
eCRV Notary Info UCCs Affidavit after TODD
October 2011 October 2011
UCCs Torrens Certificates RRV PREP MRT Law Change Notary Renewal Well Disclosure
February 2011 February 2011
Thank You One Riverside Condo E-well Certificates Conversion Project Showcase