Clay / Becker Drug Court


The Clay / Becker Drug Court is a flexible entry model that admits non-violent adult offenders who are chemically dependent, and charged with controlled substance crimes, or crimes that arise out of chemical addiction.

Eligibility Criteria

Please check with your attorney or the Prosecuting Attorney to see if you meet qualifications to be screened for the program.

Entry Points

An individual can enter the program by:

  • Pre-plea entrance
  • Post-plea entrance
  • Entrance on probation violation

Getting into Drug Court

Eligible candidates are screened by the Drug Court Team. The Team decides whether to accept candidates into the program.

Benefits of Drug Court

  • Assistance in leading a clean and sober lifestyle.
  • Most often jail sentences are reduced for those who successfully complete the program.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clay / Becker Drug Court is to strengthen our community through court team supervision of chemically dependent offenders by providing accountability, evidence-based treatment, and motivation for positive change, resulting in successful family and community contribution.