Conservation Tree Program


Each year the Clay Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) offers Trees - Conservation Tree Program thousands of trees to Clay County landowners at inexpensive prices. Over 30 varieties of shrubs, deciduous trees, and evergreens are available to choose from.

Reducing wind erosion, conserving energy, creating wildlife habitat, and beautifying the countryside are all benefits of the district's tree program.

The best time to plan for planting trees is a year ahead of time. Order your trees the summer before you want to plant, or at the latest, early winter. Keep the area "black", or tilled the year prior to planting.

Place an Order

  • Visit our Tree Orders page for a brief description of the trees available and to download the order form which can be filled out and returned with your check or money order to the SWCD Office.
  • Stop by the SWCD Office: 1615 30th Avenue S.
    Moorhead, MN 56560
  • Call the SWCD Office at 218-287-2255 and request that an order form be sent to you, which, upon completion can be returned to us with your check or money order.

We ask that you order trees in bundles of 25 per species. As a rule, you can plan to pick up your trees, if hand planting, around May 1. If we are doing the planting, we will contact you to check on site readiness.


Orders are taken only in late fall / early spring for the upcoming year to be sold/planted in the spring. We do not sell trees for fall planting.

Services: If Landowner So Chooses

  • 2 Custom Weed Control Options (the district has a weed badger and a tree fabric machine)
  • Custom Tree Planting (the district has a tractor and tree planting machine to get the job done)
  • Site Specific Plan and Design (at no cost to the landowner)
  • Tree Shelters

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