Fire Chief’s Association


The Clay County Fire Chief's Association will meet at least quarterly, beginning in the month of January. Meetings will take place on the second Wednesday of that particular month.


The Association will elect 3 officers, each for a 2 year term. The Officers will be called President, Vice President, and Secretary. The President and Secretary will be elected for the same 2 year time period. The Vice President's term will be offset from the President's term. All terms will coincide with the calendar year, beginning in January. All Clay County Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs will be considered members of the Association. Meetings will be open to all fire department personnel in Clay County.


The mission of the Clay County Fire Chief's Association is to create an environment for fire departments in Clay County to discuss issues that relate to fire protection and response in Clay County. Through this partnership, the Association hopes to better the cooperation, education, protection and response of fire departments within Clay County.

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