Master Gardener

The University of Minnesota Master Gardener program includes volunteers of all ages. Experts professionally train Master Gardeners. These volunteers lead projects, answer horticultural questions, hold plant clinics, and write articles for local papers.

Here in Clay County our program is building each day. Currently, we have 8 master gardeners and several that are going to be trained as soon as possible. Some master gardeners opt to be trained by the NDSU Extension Service and others are trained though the University of Minnesota.

Master Gardener Logo

We empower our gardeners to run their own program, giving them as much support and recognition as possible. Master Gardeners actively involved in their communities find that the program is very rewarding, as well as challenging.

Master gardeners are often utilized to assist in the implementation of our horticultural program. Master gardeners volunteer to answer gardening questions, speak at conferences, make television and radio appearances, and work with youth on gardening projects in their communities.

Take a look at About the Master Gardener program to get more information about the University of Minnesota Master Gardener program. Use the Master Gardener Volunteer Tools to submit hours or address changes online.

Check out upcoming Horticulture Events, including Master Gardener activities and view our photos of the Flower Garden at the Clay County Courthouse.