Notary Examples

Notary Guide

Seek legal advice for interpretation of Minnesota Statutes in regard to Notaries and Notary acts. For further information, see Notary Public at the Minnesota Secretary of State.

  • A complete acknowledgment needs to include the word "acknowledged" or "personally appeared" and must be dated.
  • Marital status is required unless the people are signing as a partner or for a company, trust etc.; then the titles and business name are required instead.
  • If individuals are signing as individuals and for a corporation, they need to sign twice and be acknowledged twice; once as individuals and once as their title and business name.
  • A Minnesota notary stamp must include a seal and legible expiration date. 
  • The "State of ___" and "County of ___" are called the venue. The ground where the notary is standing when acknowledging is the venue. Be sure you are in your correct jurisdiction. If the notary is standing on Minnesota, Clay County ground then "State of Minnesota, County of Clay" is the venue. If you are a Minnesota notary your jurisdiction is Minnesota, you can notarize anywhere in Minnesota but not outside of Minnesota.
  • To record a document the basic law requires a document to be Acknowledged or be a certified copy from a government entity. There are a few exceptions to this basic law such as affidavits and certificates of trust in which a Jurat is acceptable.