All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) License & Registration

ATV License & Registration does not require an appointment and is walk-in only.

ATVs are motorized flotation-tired vehicles with 3 to 6 low pressure tires, an engine displacement of less then 800 cubic centimeters and a total dry weight of less than 800 pounds.

Required Information

To obtain an ATV license and registration, the owner must provide:

  • ATV dry weight
  • ATV engine size
  • ATV make
  • ATV model
  • ATV serial number
  • ATV year
  • His/her driver's license

An ATV license is valid for 3 years.

License Fees

Type of Fee
Private / Ag ATV License$6
Issuing FeeFees Vary

Additional Information

For detailed information, download the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recreational motor vehicles regulations.