Court Administration

PLEASE NOTE: If your case will be heard or you must visit the Clay County Courthouse, please be aware of the following changes:

While some Clay County offices and buildings are closed to the public, the Clay County Courthouse is open to court customers that have essential business with the court. 

  • The Clay County Courthouse will remain open for scheduled super high and high priority hearings, and for other persons with prior approval of the court.  For approval, please call (218) 227-7040.
  • The courthouse will remain open to the public for purposes of accessing the Courts. The Clay County Courthouse main entrance door shall be used, and visitors MUST identify the purpose of their visit to the security guard located at the entrance.  Visitors will be asked to provide their name or case number for identification.
  • Those customers who need to file paperwork should call (218) 227-7040 for direction on filing their paperwork.
  • Efforts will be made to accommodate remote appearances for every scheduled hearing.
  • For persons who have business with the court other than Super High or High Priority hearings, eFiling, U.S. Mail, and telephone access will be available.

These measures should not adversely affect a litigant’s case in any way. 


Clay County Court Administration is responsible for record keeping and case flow management for all the District Court cases filed within this county. These cases include civil, family, probate, juvenile, criminal and conciliation court cases.


The office is comprised of the Court Administrator, the Chief Deputy Court Administrator and 18 support staff. There are also 4 judges chambered in Clay County.