Inmate Funds

Each inmate is set up with an account allowing them to use their own funds to purchase commissary, phone time and other necessities.  This facility uses Turnkey Services to manage inmate funds.  All money deposited into an inmate's account will be used toward any fees that the inmate owes prior to being available to use for commissary or phone time.

To put money on an inmate's account, visit Inmate Canteen, or use the Turnkey Kiosk located in the Public Lobby of the Clay County Correctional Facility.  The Correctional Facility does not accept checks.  Money orders may be mailed in.  An inmate’s account information is private and cannot be shared with anyone.

Turnkey Kiosk Transaction Fee

Please note that Turnkey charges a $2.00 transaction fee for all cash transactions and a 10% fee for all credit card transactions.