Adolescent Health


Child and Teen Checkups are wellness exams (or regular checkups) required to provide quality health care for children, teens and young adults who are eligible for Medical Assistance (MA).


Infants, children, adolescents and young adults through the age of 20 on MA should have Child and Teen Checkups.


  • Regular checkups are important for health. Your doctor or clinic will tell you when checkups are due for you or your child. The Child and Teen Checkups program reminds families when it is time for a checkup by sending letters, calls and texts.
  • Child and Teen Checkups help children and teens on the path to greater success in school. Also, it gives a teen or young adult an opportunity to talk with their doctor or nurse about issues like smoking, drug use, sexual health - issues that a parent and teen do not feel comfortable talking about.
  • Annual health checkups are important for all family members to help prevent illness. Child and Teen Checkups are free by your MN Medical Assistance Health Plan.


People can get Child and Teen Checkups from your doctor or at your Public Health agency.


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