Swimming Pool / Spa Licensing & Applications


Public Pool - any pool, other than a private residential pool, that is

  1. open to the public generally, whether for a fee or free of charge;
  2. open exclusively to members of an organization and their guests;
  3. open to residents of a multi-unit apartment building, apartment complex, residential real estate development or other multifamily residential area;
  4. open to patrons of a hotel or lodging or other public accommodation facility; or
  5. operated by a person in a park, school, licensed child care facility, group home, motel, camp, resort, club, condominium, manufactured home park or political subdivision with the exception of swimming pools at family day care homes licensed under section 245A.14, subdivision 11, paragraph (a).

Spa Pool - a hot water pool intended for seated recreational use with a water agitation system in addition to the recirculation system. Spa pool is synonymous with the term "whirlpool".

Download the Stand Alone Swimming Pool / Spa License Application

Adobe® Acrobat® PDF File IconSwimming Pool Application (PDF)

Use the above application to license a pool only if you do not offer any other regulatory services at your establishment. If your establishment provides food, beverage, lodging or is a manufactured home park or camping area, complete the appropriate license application.

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