Food & Beverage Rule & Statute

The Partnership4Health Environmental Health Services office is delegated to provide regulatory services to licensed food and beverage establishments within Clay and Wilkin Counties in Minnesota.

Delegated Authority

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 145A.07, the commissioner of health has entered into an agreement with the Partnership4Health community health board, to delegate all or part of the licensing, inspection, reporting and enforcement duties authorized under 145A.07 and MN Statutes Chapter 157.

State Health Department Rules Adopted

Pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 157 excluding section 157.16 Subd 2(a) and 157.16 Subd 3(a), and Minnesota Rules Chapter 4626, excluding 4626.2015 through 4626.2025, including all subsequent amendments thereto, are hereby adopted by Clay County by reference.