County Collections


The Collections Unit is responsible for collecting county debt. The Collection Officers work closely with Eligibility Workers on the collection of overpayments of public assistance funds and on probate issues for Medical Assistance. They also work with the Welfare Fraud Investigators to collect amounts identified by the Court system that were issued to someone due to fraud. Several departments in Clay County refer debt to this unit for collection including Public Health, Detox, and the Highway Department.


The Collections Unit

  • Works with clients to determine a payback amount to apply toward the debt.
  • Collects public assistance overpayments for programs such as: MFIP, Food Support, Child Care Assistance, Medical Assistance, etc.
  • Re-directs Social Security payments for children in placement.
  • Collects parental fees for short-term placements.
  • Secure debt by entering judgment in court.
  • Filing against tax returns for unpaid debt.
  • Locates people owing debt to the county through skip tracing.
  • Works with attorneys and families in probate actions for recovery of Medical Assistance from deceased recipient's estates.