Welfare Fraud


The Welfare Fraud Unit is responsible for investigating possible instances of fraud for all public assistance programs. In the Fraud Prevention Program the focus is to prevent benefits from being issued for cases where incorrect information is provided to the Financial Services Division. We also work closely with the Clay County Attorney's Office to prosecute cases where benefits have been issued as a result of inaccurate information being provided to the County Agency.


The Clay County Welfare Fraud Unit is committed to ensuring that the programs it oversees provide appropriate benefits to people eligible to receive them.

If you suspect someone receiving benefits:

  • Does not report income
  • Misreports the number of people living in the home
  • Misused food support benefits or EBT cards
  • Falsifies information on an application
  • Does not report property or other assets
  • Receives benefits from more than one state at the same time
  • Lies about where they live


If you suspect a business:

  • Is charging the government for services not provided
  • Purchases a recipient's food support benefits or EBT cards for cash
  • Falsifies billing information

 You can report these potential crimes and remain anonymous.

You can contact the Welfare Fraud Investigator by contacting Clay County Social Services at 299-5200 or you can report to the Department of Human Services, Inspector Generals Office.

If you choose to leave your name and phone number an investigator may contact you for further information. Your name will not be released to the people or business suspected of fraud. You will not be informed whether an investigation has been opened or the progress of any investigation. Information received in this process is considered confidential investigative data or private welfare data. At the time a case is charged in criminal court, the information about the case will become public in the jurisdiction that the charge has been made.