Later Date

Note: If you pick later date, notice how the box below your search choices changes accordingly. Parcel is the default.

Later Date is previous search results saved by the user. If you choose this option and enter a policy number (client number), the system will save the search for future viewing. A watch dog number is automatically assigned by the program. If you wish, the system will remind you to re-run the search on a specific date.

Steps for Later Date

  • Run a search.
  • While reviewing the results of the search hit the save button (to the left) to assign a policy number (client number).
  • Check the box if you want Laredo to remind you on a certain date to re-run the same search. When that date arrives Laredo will send you a message via user news. The message will include the policy number (client number) you assigned and the watch dog number, assigned by the system.
  • Go to the search screen, click on later date search option, enter the policy number (client number) and the watch dog number to display the current results of the search.

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