Tangible Interest Law

Minnesota Statutes, Section 144.225, Subdivision 7 restricts access to a certified birth or death certificate, which means you must have a tangible interest to obtain a certified birth or death record.

This law was effective August 1, 2000.

Who Has Tangible Interest

To determine who has tangible interest, see the Minnesota Department of Health's Tangible Interest webpage.

Fraud Protection Measure

Tangible interest is a fraud protection measure. The prevalence of fraud is on the rise and most Minnesota birth and death records are public data. Tangible interest helps protect people who are born in Minnesota and the families of people who die in Minnesota by restricting access to the certificates that are used for most legal purposes such as school registration, applying for a passport or a social security number, or settling an estate.

Tangible interest does not change the classification of the data. Public data is still public. Access to private or confidential data is still restricted.