Recording Process Status

Documents are recorded through out each business day. When the real estate records are researched it is important to know how up-to-date the recording process is. Minnesota Statutes require documents to be recorded within 10 business days, starting January 3, 2011. Recorded documents can be searched immediately by party names or document type. (Manual tracting of Lots/Blocks was discontinued 10/31/2009.) 

Abstract Recording Process Status

Currently party names, PINS and legal descriptions have been double checked through 08/11/2020.
Last updated 08/12/2020 at 11:43 P.M.
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Verification of Electronic Indexing Date

We electronically double blind index pertinent fields of all documents to increase accuracy. If you are a subscriber to our online access software, you might notice a "V" after document information is listed in a result set. The "V" tells you this document has been electronically verified.

Accessible Records

  • Grantor / Grantee index starting January 1, 1987
  • Images of abstract real estate documents starting July 16, 1970
  • Improved Tract index starting May 1, 1996
  • Tax parcel ID numbers on deeds starting August 27, 1996
  • Tax parcel ID numbers on all documents starting August 16, 1999
  • Annotations of Legal Descriptions and tax parcel ID numbers on documents such as Satisfactions and Assignments was discontinued on 07/01/2013

See the disclaimer and record availability information pages for more information.