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Note: While reviewing your search results you can click on search to review or change your search criteria. Results will remain available until you clear or run a new search.

The picture below is an example of your search results. Clicking on the plus sign in front of the document of your choice will expand the search result to provide more detailed information regarding the document. Notice the tabs: Party Names, Legal, Misc and Image. Clicking on 1 of these tabs will display various types of detailed information.

Search Results Window

Print & Save Options

Print allows you to print your unexpanded search results. Laredo will print expanded or unexpanded results in the near future.

Save will save your search results and allow you to re-run a particular search at a later time. This feature is called later date.

Contact Information

For technical assistance and support using Laredo, contact Fidlar Software via email Support or call 800-747-4600.

Legal Tab

If the document has multiple legal descriptions, you can easily view them by single clicking on the words multiple lots / blocks.

Search Results Legal Window

Multiple Platted Legal Description or Multiple Q

A window will appear with all the legal descriptions listed if the document was entered August 16, 1999 or later.

A single click on a parcel number will display the Clay County GIS Parcel Map of that specific parcel (new parcels may not be created yet). (Parcel numbers are listed on documents starting August 16, 1999. Most transferring type documents have parcel numbers starting in 1996.)

Clay County GIS Parcel Map