Parcel ID Number

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Search Using Additional Criteria

Parcel is the default, so if you pick parcel, notice how the box below your search choices changes accordingly.

Parcel ID

To search using the parcel ID number enter 1 or more Parcel ID numbers. Click add and find to have your results displayed.

Choosing a Tab

Clicking on the plus sign in front of the document of your choice will expand the search result to provide more detailed information regarding the document. Notice the tabs: party names, legal, misc and image. Clicking on one of these tabs will display various types of detailed information.

Legal Tab

While viewing the information under the legal tab, a single click on a parcel number will display the Clay County GIS parcel map of that specific parcel new parcels may not be created yet. Parcel Numbers are listed are on documents starting August 16,1999. Most of the transferring type documents have parcel numbers starting in 1996.

Helpful Information