Plat Review Process

Why Have a Process

Departments in Clay County that work with plats developed a Plat Review Process. This process was created to gather all the pertinent information up front to make the plat review process efficient. View the Clay County Plat Review Process Document (PDF) to learn more.

Definition of a Plat

A plat is a map of a piece of land subdivided into lots with streets and alleys drawn to scale showing dimensions. Usually an owner of a piece of land chooses to plat the land so lots can be sold. Instead of a metes and bounds description, a lot, block and name of a plat are used to describe the property. Plats become official when recorded with the Clay County Recorder. Plats are most often viewed to determine dimensions of a lot within a platted area. For more information about subdividing land, contact the city planner of the city where the land is located. Please contact the Clay County Planning and Zoning Department by telephone at 218-299-5005 or by emailing Planning if the land is outside of city limits, but within Clay County.

See the Minnesota Statute 505 Plats; Coordinates; Surveys for more information.

Addition vs. Subdivision

In most cases, in Clay County, the word addition is used when subdividing land within city limits. The word subdivision is used when subdividing land outside of city limits.

Searchable Plats

To search plats by plat name, city / township, section, document number or year, see the plats and corners online page.