Real Estate & Home Services

  1. Homestead Information

    Homestead is a property tax reduction program, intended to keep taxes lower on owner-occupied homes, according to Minnesota Statute 273.124.

  2. Market Value Appeals

    Learn the steps to appeal estimated market value or classification of your property.

  3. Mortgage Registry Tax

    Calculate your mortgage registry tax and find information about paying your tax.

  4. Moving or Selling

    When you move or sell your mobile home, there are certain taxes you can be responsible for.

  5. Moving Permits

    The Clay County Highway Department requires moving permits to make over-dimensional moves on Clay County highways.

  6. Online Property Tax Inquiry

    Submit a inquiry about your property tax online.

  7. Online Property Tax Payment

    View and pay your property tax bill online.

  8. Property Map Search

    Get online access to property information maintained by Clay County.

  9. Property Tax Calculator

    The Online Property Tax Calculator allows users to view market values for any city in the Minnesota, calculate the tax amount on a home or business and find out how property taxes are distributed among cities, counties, and schools.

  10. Real Estate Records Online

    Learn how to search, view, magnify and print Clay County Real Estate Records online.

  11. Recording Documents

    Learn what kind of documents can be e-recorded.

  12. Subdivision Plat List

    A subdivision plat is a map of a subdivision of land into lots and blocks.

  13. Tax Capacities & Rates

    The "tax capacity value" is determined by multiplying the taxable market value of the property by the statutory percentage rates (also called class rates) for the specific classification(s) / use(s) on the property. The "tax capacity rate" is multiplied by the "tax capacity value" to arrive at the property tax.

  14. Torrens Property List

    Get a list of Torrens Title Properties in Clay County.