Financial & Fee Services

  1. Auditor's Office Fee Schedule

    View the fees charged by the Auditor's Office from copies to liquor licenses.

  2. Clay County Financial Statements & Budgets

    Access budget summaries, annual financial reports, profiles of Clay County, and the Users' Guide to County Financial Statements.

  3. Court Administration Fees

    Obtain Court Administration filing fees.

  4. Landfill Disposal Rates

    Review the rates to dispose of items at the landfill.

  5. Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule

    Learn the fees for various forms and certificates.

  6. Real Estate Fee Schedule

    Find the dollar amounts for different types of fees and certificates.

  7. Soil & Water Conservation District Finances

    Browse information about financial reports and budgets for the Soil and Water Conservation District.

  8. Solid Waste Fees

    Every parcel of property in Clay County, on which a building is situated, is assessed an annual solid waste fee. Find out how much it is and how you pay it.

  9. Vital Records Fees

    View Clay County's vital records fee schedule.