Permits & Licensing

  1. Alcohol License Fees

    View liquor license fees.

  2. Auctioneer License

    An Auctioneer License is required by any individual conducting the business of an Auctioneer in the State of Minnesota. View resident vs. nonresident requirements.

  3. Building & Land Alteration Permit

    Learn how to obtain building and land alteration permits and licenses.

  4. Driveway Access Permit

    Check out Access Management Policy documents.

  5. Family Child Care Licensing

    Clay County accepts and processes applications for license as a child care provider including inspections, home studies and background checks, and evaluations of prospective licensees.

  6. Harvest Permit

    The harvest permit allows local farmers to haul up to 88,000 pounds on 5 axles during the time period of October 1 through November 30 only and for the following crops only: carrots, potatoes, and sugar beets.

  7. Moving Permit

    The Clay County Highway Department requires moving permits to make over-dimensional moves on Clay County highways.

  8. Pesticide License

    Read about pesticide applicator testing, the license processing, and study guide ordering.

  9. Sign Permit

    Complete the Sign Permit Application.

  10. Utility Permit

    Anyone interested in installing, replacing or maintaining any utilities on a county right-of-way must be granted permission to do so and follow all requirements as set forth by the County Highway Engineer.