Programming Component Descriptions

  1. Commissary Privileges

    Find out what privileges they are allowed when in comes to purchasing commissary items.

  2. Community Service

    Residents have the opportunity to complete community service hours while in the facility.

  3. Correctional Residential Program

    This program is meant to be a correctional placement to deter future involvement in the juvenile justice system.

  4. Counseling Services

    The counseling session are to assist each resident in recognizing and dealing with his or her problem areas.

  5. Education

    The residents will receive their education through the Moorhead School District #152 who personalize each residents education plan based on their age, level, stay duration, and specials needs.

  6. Furlough Opportunities

    Residents will have the opportunity to earn furloughs by having good standings in all areas of their program.

  7. Health Services

    An R.N. provides on-site healthcare and a physical assessment to ensure that all health needs are being met.

  8. Life Skills Continuum Program

    The Casey Life Skills program is a program that assesses the behaviors and competencies youth need to achieve their long term goals.

  9. Psychological Services

    West Central Regional Juvenile Center contracts with clinical psychologists in the Fargo/Moorhead area for psychological services.

  10. Recreation

    Structured interactions are planned throughout the week with the residents skill level and interested level in mind.