Federal Benefits

  1. Aid & Attendance Benefits

    This benefit is an additional monetary allowance, available to veterans and their spouses, who require care in a long-term care setting, such as a nursing home.

  2. Burial

    The United States Department of Veterans Affairs may assist in payment of the burial expenses of an eligible veteran.

  3. Death & Indemnity Compensation

    If a veteran dies of injuries or illnesses found to have been caused in or aggravated by military service, benefits may be paid to the surviving spouse.

  4. Death Pension

    Surviving widows, or widowers, of deceased wartime veterans may be eligible for pension benefits.

  5. Disability Services

    We offer different types of disability services.

  6. Federal Insurance

    You maybe eligible for low cost health insurance.

  7. Medical Care

    The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA) operates medical centers across the United States.