1. Administration

    The administrative staff maintains the records and data, provides internal support for documentation of revenues, processes and disseminates crime data to local, state, and federal agencies, and releases public and other data, as requested.

  2. Emergency Management

    Emergency management is responsible for administering the Emergency Program, Training, coordinates the response to disasters, and more.

  3. Investigations

    Investigators are responsible for case processing, referral to the prosecutor’s office, and trial testimony.

  4. Jail & Annex

    The jail has a number for programs for those that are not safety or security threats, these programs include work detail, work release, sentence to service, reintegration advance planning, and more.

  5. Patrol

    Deputies working in the Patrol Division enforce ordinances, laws and statutes relating to traffic and criminal activity.

  6. Support Services

    The Support Services Divisions are the Civil Process and the Warrants and Transport Divisions.